The launch of new Golf was also the launch of the 7th generation of “Das Auto“ for Volkswagen. With the Golf, Volkswagen created its own class of car: the “Golf-class“. With the new Golf, it has raised the benchmark yet again.

28 million people already rely on the Golf for outstanding quality, which shows the level of belief people have in its reliability. To prove this inherent trust in Volkswagen, we initiated a conversation with our audience. Not just about cars, but also about their lives and the choices they make.

We provoked them to think, by encouraging them to make commitments to their choices. Asking them “If you could only choose one…” in various categories, forced them to decide on their number ones. Our aim was that when it came to relying on one car for life, people would choose the Golf.


For something like this to work, we didn’t want to talk just to a few people. We wanted to engage everyone, everywhere. For the first time a Golf campaign involved 33 international markets, speaking to people from all over the world.

Different media including print, television and online were used to tease and engage people in the “One Thing” project, with every channel leading people towards the main platform, the website

Users answered the questions, and could have fun comparing their answers to the mass as well as famous figures. Through social media networks more people were invited and the idea spread throughout the world. The feedback was overwhelming: